[100%Fixed] Don't cover the orange area of screen in Redmi/Xiaomi phone


Today I am back with a new Article in this article you can learn how to fix  DON’T COVER THE ORANGE AREA OF SCREEN  in Redmi /Xiaomi Smartphones.  Lately I have seen many people complaining about a feature which they consider it as a bug. Screenshot is attached below.

don't cover th e orange area of screen 

As you can see in the screenshot it says “Don’t cover the orange area of the screen”
I would like to inform users that it is not a bug but a feature that prevents Accidental Dial ups and Accidental receiving of calls when our device is in our pocket.

The screen also occurs when we try to unlock our devices and we accidently cover the orange area, which helps us with accidental pocket unlock for devices like Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3s Prime or any Mi device which has Fingerprint Sensor at the back of Device or any other Mi device that doesn’t have FPS.
The screen appears when our hand covers the proximity sensor of our device or the orange area as shown in the screenshot.

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Many of you would be thinking that how can we enable or disable the feature.
There is an option to enable and disable it.

Users may use the below steps to enable or disable the feature.

  • screenshot_2016-12-07-00-14-08-297_com-miui-home

    First of All Open Setting.

  • Just go Down and find Lock Screen & Password.
  • Open it Up.

lock screen and password

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  • Again Go Down and find Pocket mode.


  • Simply turn off pocket mode.


If you have Done All the step as given in Screenshots than you can fix your  the problem.

Voila and you won’t see it again.
The other way to avoid it from happening is that you don’t cover the orange area. All about “Don’t cover the orange area of the screen” screen

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I hope you understand all the step without any problem and this tutorial very help for you.

If these steps doesn’t fix the problem then you may really need to go to service center. Good luck!

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