Complete Guide : Flashing TWRP v3 on Redmi 3 / Redmi 3 Pro


Redmi 3 TWRP Installation Method

Do you want to root your Redmi 3 by using SuperSU? Then In that case you have to firstly install Team Win Recovery Project, the most popular and favorite custom recovery for most MIUI users. This tutorial will guide you through all the steps needed in order to install TWRP v3.0.2-0 on Redmi 3 or Redmi 3 Pro. The process is not as painful as many users imagined as long as they (and you) can proceed the steps properly.

Most notable point from TWRP’s changelog :

Fix a bug with the input box that affected masked inputs (passwords). This fixes decrypt of full device encryption on devices that support decrypt. This bug also impacts encrypted backups. Users are highly encouraged to stop using 3.0.1 if you use encrypted backups or if you need decrypt of data in TWRP


A Redmi 3 or Redmi 3 Pro handset.
Unlocked bootloader is a must. Use the same steps as mentioned in this tutorial.
A USB Cable – use the one comes with your phone.
A Windows based computer (PC / laptop).


Make sure you have proper ADB Driver installed. Otherwise, you have to firstly download and install it on your computer.
Download TWRP v3.0.2-0 Combo package for Redmi 3 into your computer and extract it using either Winzip or Winrar.
Make sure USB Debugging option has been enabled on your phone – Doing so is easy: simply go to Settings >> About Phone >> tap 7 -10 time on the MIUI version. That will activate Developer Options menu. Now go to Settings >> Developer Options then enable USB Debugging.
Enable Fastboot mode on your phone if you are on China Developer MIUI ROM. Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> then enable Fastboot mode.
Download MIUI Fastboot ROM (.tgz) for Redmi 3/ Pro.
Create new-boot.img file from that MIUI Fastboot ROM. Follow this tutorial and rename the repacked .img file to new-boot.img.

Flashing TWRP

Step 1 – Connect your phone into your PC using its USB cable.

Step 2 – On your PC, go to the folder of where you’ve extracted TWRP v3.0.2 Combo package.

Step 3 – Open up the README.txt file and read the instruction carefully.

Step 4 – Double-click on boot-new.bat file to execute the script. This will flash boot-new.img file into your phone.

Step 5 – Next, click on the twrp-3.0.2-ido.bat file to execute the script. This will flash twrp-3.0.2-0-ido.img file into your phone.

flashing twrp redmi 3

Step 6 – That’s it. the flashing process should begin and your phone should reboot to TWRP3.0.

Step 7 – On your phone, you’ll see TWRP Mount menu page. Swipe to allow system modification.

Step 8 – Then select partitions to mount.

Please be caution: If you ticked “Mount system partition read-only,” you will get OTA updates for the Official ROM and not the otherwise.

TWRP v3 On Redmi 3 - First UI

Also bear in mind that Redmi 3 / Pro uses dm-verity. This means that swiping to allow system modifications will prevent you from being able to boot if you are using the stock kernel. In order to by pass dm-verity’s boot prevention, you will have to install a kernel that has dm-verity disabled in the fstab.

That’s all guys. Make sure you do those steps carefully.

That didn’t work for you? Also try this guide to manually flash TWRP on Redmi 3.

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