[PROVEN] Ultimate Fix Bricked Redmi Note 3 Worst State


Ultimate Solution to Unbrick Redmi Note 3

You may have bricked your Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon variant (Kenzo) until to certain extent you can not fix it using simple solution like re-flashing stock MIUI ROM via fastboot. Thankfully, Raaj52, one of MIUI Device Team, has managed to come up with a ultimate solution that can fix bricked Redmi Note 3 while it is in state of no EDL, no fastboot, no boot logo and no charging animation. The worst part, the phone is not even recognized as a device in Windows Device Manager. He said it is not something like hardbrick but it is beyond softbrick. It’s just, may be, something in between.


Download latest version of MiFlash Tool into your computer.
Download latest stable version of MIUI Fastboot ROM (.tgz file) here; or use this MIUI v7.2.3.0.
Download emmc_appsbot file for RN3 and extract the zip file.
A RN3 device either bricked or bootloop.
A USB Cable to connect the device to computer.
A computer (PC / Laptop) running 64-bit system of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.


Please be understand that neither me nor Raaj52 is responsible of any risk of following this guide but however all credits belong to him. Please proceed with full caution.
This method involves doing some mechanic stuff. I mean by this, you have to actually alter some parts of your phone hardware. Therefore again, please be caution.
On your computer, please firstly disable Driver Enforcement setting. You can do that by pressing Windows button + i on keyboard to reveal the Settings page. From there you can choose Update & Security >> Recovery >> Advanced startup >> Restart now. Wait a moment for your computer to restart. Next, go to Troubleshoot >> Advanced options >> Startup settings >> Restart. Once your computer restarts, now choose Disable driver signature enforcement which is option number 7.
Before you even further, please try this guide first : How to unbrick Redmi Note 3. Only proceed if you tried that previous guide but ended up with no luck.

Video guide on how to disable Driver Enforcement of 64-bit Windows

How to put RN3 into EDL mode

Before we continue, let’s firstly recognize the symptoms of bricked device with no ability to enter EDL mode. When you have connected your phone to computer, Windows will detect the phone as Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E or it may be shown as “Unknown USB Device” which is even worst.

Therefore, how to enter EDL Mode while Redmi Note 3 is bricked? Follow these steps :

Step 1 – Open, remove the back panel of your RN3. Some people feel comfortable to use nails but however you might have another smoother way to do that.

Step 2 – Disconnect / remove the battery cable or the one comes from the battery. Pay attention to the picture.

Redmi Note 3 Battery Cable

Step 3 – Just wait for about 10 seconds then after that plug it back in / connect it again.

Step 4 – Do the same thing with the cable from USB. Just do not forget to connect it back.

Step 5 – Take your phone’s USB cable and connect it to your PC’s USB. Remember, this point you only connect the cable to PC but not with your phone yet.

Step 6 – Make sure you hold the phone in a way that you can comfortably press both volume buttons. Now press the Volume up (+) and Volume down (-) buttons simultaneously and connect the USB cable. The key of success here is timing. Make sure you press both volume buttons and the same time as pluging USB cable in.

Step 7 – On your computer, open up Device Manager and make sure your phone is recognized as Qualcomm Hs USB Qdloader 9008.  Other than that, it means you have failed entering EDL mode.

Failed to do so? Just repeat from Step 1. Watch this video to help you understand the method easier.

Step 10 – At this point, we can assume that you have entered EDL mode. Congratulation!

Nevertheless, reinstalling Xiaomi Driver could be alternative solution if you have tried it for five times with no single luck. Just fully uninstall current USB Driver and install the new one.

How to fix bricked RN3 device

Only proceed if your phone is in EDL mode.

Step 1 – Install the downloaded MiFlash tool onto your computer.

Step 2 – Extract the downloaded emmc_appsboot_rn3.zip file using Winzip or Winrar. You’ll then get a file named : emmc_appsboot.mbn – you’ll need this.

Step 3 – Extract the .tgz file (MIUI fastboot ROM) using either Winrar or 7zip.

Step 4 – In Windows Explorer, go to the location of where you have extracted the .tgz file. Go to the images folder and find a file named emmc_appsboot.mbn then move that file to somewhere else (do not remove / deleted it) as a backup.

Step 5 – Now copy the emmc_appsboot.mbn file you downloaded / extracted (Step 2) to the images folder of Fastboot ROM.

Step 6 – Open up MiFlash tool you have installed (Step 1).

Step 7 – On MiFlash tool, click on the Browse button and locate the folder of extracted Fastboot ROM.

MiFlash Select Fastboot

Step 8 – Click on the Advanced option (available when the arrow next to browse button is clicked).

click advanced in miflash

Step 9 – Now adjust the settings as following :

MiFlash Settings for Bricked Redmi Note 3

Once it’s similar to the picture above, simply click the X sign in the top right-hand corner to close the Advanced setting window.

Step 10 – Finally, click the Refresh button followed by clicking the Flash button afterwards. This will start the flashing process.

Finishing up

At this point, you might end up in either one of these state: Successfully flashing MIUI ROM or getting error saying “not enough storage to process this command.” Therefore, follow these last but not least steps.

Step 1 – Make sure your phone is now switched off otherwise just turn it off.

Step 2 – Next, you need to disconnect the battery cable from the back panel (rear side) of your phone for 10 seconds and then connect it again.

Step 3 – Now press Volume Down (-) and Power button together to send your phone entering into Fastboot mode.

Step 4 – You can now then put the back panel back to its place but make sure you have connected all the cables properly.

Step 5 – While your phone is in Fastboot mode, connect your phone to computer again. Of course using its USB cable.

Step 6 – Relaunch the MiFlash tool up again.

Step 7 – Click the Refresh button so MiFlash can recognize your phone. Your phone will then be displayed in the list as 5dcf3ke. It should not exactly the same but it has to be an alphanumeric.

Step 8 – This time the original emmc_appsboot.mbn file will come in handy. Go to Windows Explorer and replace that file inside the images folder (of extracted Fastboot ROM) with the original one.

Step 9 – Back to MiFlash tool. Click the Refresh button then finally click the Flash button. The tool will start the flashing process. Just wait.

Step 10 – Once done, your phone will reboot as normally.

Congratulation, the bricked (or bootloop) state problem of your Redmi Note 3 has been solved.

The solution above has been proved and tested to work on RN3 SD using MIUI Global ROM by a user from Malaysia whom previously got error “The system cannot find the file specified (0x80070002),” and “0x80004005: Failed (remote:device is locked). Cannot flash images.”

Having the same or similar experience? Do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below. Also take your time to browse our tips and tricks section.

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