How to Create Your Own MIUI Theme


One of awesome features of MIUI is its flexibility to utilize custom theme. Users can simply open up Theme manager app and browse around any available-to-download themes and choose one to be used on their phones. Previously, users can only browse any themes made by MIUI Theme Developers. Thankfully, Xiaomi has announced its new web-based theme maker app allowing any MIUI users to design, to create, and to use their own MIUI theme. This MIUI theme generator is known as Meihua. However, this MIUI theme maker is currently in early development phase (It is in Beta when this article is posted), the only language available is Chinese which can be troublesome for those who don’t understand Chinese.

Luckily, a member of MIUI community known as shahzad has pointed a guidance of where and what to click in the Meihua website. Moreover, users are required to be registered as Xiaomi Designer. Let’s hope it will be available for public and in English soon.

For those who really want to create their own MIUI theme, simply register at Xiaomi Designer website and go to Meihua website to start editing your very own MIUI theme.


Basic knowledge about design.
A Xiaomi Developer account.


Xiaomi Theme Editor :

Xiaomi Designer :

Key Features of MIUI Online Theme Editor

Create and design Lockscreen display.
Add default wallpapers.
Add, use, and customize MIUI icons with your own.
Theme the sms, dialer and contacts modules.
Theme the toggle page.

How to use

Simply follow this guidance as displayed in the pictures. Click on the area marked with green lines.

Choose Theme Editor

Customize Lockscreen

Edit Lockscreen Text

Customize MIUI Icons

Change Toogle Color

Change Header Colors

So, have you created your own MIUI theme?

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