Easiest Way to Install MIUI 7 Without Root


A step by step guide installing or upgrading from MIUI 6 to MIUI 7 without root access via Recovery Mode (not OTA) on all supported Xiaomi devices. But before we start it, there is few information you better know about this newly released MIUI version.


The release of MIUI 7 Global Stable build was announced on October 27, 2015 after two months of testing and optimization by Xiaomi’s developers team. For your information, MIUI always has 3 ROM versions: Experimental, Developer, and Stable. Common users who prefer ROM stability are recommended to use the Stable version because it doesn’t have a regular update frequency. Usually it is updated once a month, two months or even longer because, again, stability is its major concern. Also, the MIUI 7 doesn’t come to all Xiaomi devices but only few supported and recent devices like Mi 4i.

miui 7 looks

List of supported Devices:

MIUI 7 update is available for devices below. Also note that newer devices may come shipped already running MIUI 7 or later.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S 3G
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime
Xiaomi Mi 2
Xiaomi Mi 2S
Xiaomi Mi 3
Xiaomi Mi 4
Xiaomi Mi 4i
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Note yet Global Stable)
Xiaomi Mi Note
Xiaomi Mi Pad

The MIUI 7 is based on Android Lollipop and it comes with an awesome number of features such as a daily lock screen that changes its wallpaper everyday, four cool built-in themes, 30 percent better response time than MIUI 6, and a new mode that gives its user an option to secure any adult-only apps so kids will never have access to those apps.

That’s not all! Xiaomi also has managed to equip the MIUI 7 with advanced technology and algorithm allowing its system to do some tweaks on how the operating system handles any apps running in the background which then obviously can reduce load on CPU and extend battery life.

Before we start:

There are three methods available to update your device to MIUI 7: Fastboot method, Recovery method and Over The Air (OTA) method. OTA is the easiest and safest but in some users they find it hard to download big update file directly via their devices while Fastboot is the hardest method and it also requires to wipe your devices data. So I suggest you to choose the Recovery method, it is not super easy but yes it is easy and doesn’t need you to wipe your data.

Also read: How to install MIUI 7 using Fastboot method


A Xiaomi device (phone/note/pad);
A data cable
A computer or laptop
A stable Internet connection
Internet Download Manager (optional) app
A cup of coffee or tea
about 30 minutes and 25 seconds of your time (also depends on your connection speed)

How to Install MIUI 7 Update File

Step 1 – Grab your Redmi / Mi smartphone and make sure it has at least 85% battery power remaining. Also, do full backup of your data and copy it locally or to any of your favorite cloud storage services like Google Drive. As what I said before, this method doesn’t need you to wipe your phone’s data but taking precaution is better than having to regret suffering data lost caused by accidental mistake. So again, do backup all your data especially contacts, photos, messages, and if you feel it necessary, then also your apps.

Step 2 – Download the MIUI 7 update file corresponding to your smartphone:

    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Mi 3 (665MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Mi 4 (665MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Redmi 2 (652MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime (652MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G (692MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G (694MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (913MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Redmi 1S (682MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Mi Pad (543MB)
    MIUI 7 (Recovery ROM) for Xiaomi Mi Note (711MB)

    tips: Use download manager like IDM so you can have stable download progress and better download speed. Also, save the file to any easy-to-access location like Desktop or Downloads folder.

    Step 3 – Once the .zip file is fully downloaded to your computer, go to that location, find the newly downloaded file, right-click on it and rename the file from whatever it is to update.zip. Again, make sure the downloaded Recovery ROM file is now update.zip (it’s all lowercase) and not something else (make sure it doesn’t have typo).

    Step 4 – Connect your smartphone to the computer / laptop using its data cable. Once connected, copy the update.zip (the Recovery ROM) file into the root directory of your device’s internal storage NOT its external SD Card. Root directory means in the very top directory and not inside any other folder/directory. Wait till the copy process finished.

    Step 5 – Once copied, you can unplug the data cable / disconnect your smartphone from computer.

    Step 6 – Grab your phone then unlock its lock screen. Now on your phone, launch the Updater app (usually inside Tools folder) then simply click the icon at the top-right corner, and select Reboot to Recovery then Reboot Now.

    updater app

    reboot to recovery mode

    Step 7 – Now your smartphone will restart and it will now enter Recovery Mode (or Mi Recovery). Please understand that once your phone is in Recovery Mode, you can not use the touchscreen feature so for navigating, you have to use Volume +/- button to select up/down, and Power button to confirm or to choose your selection.

    Step 8 – Now in Recovery Mode, select your preferred language which I suggest you to choose English so you can catch up with this tutorial easily. In the main menu, select Wipe & Reset >> Wipe Cache >> then YES. This will wipe previously system Cache only and not your data. The process takes few minutes to complete (usually 5 minutes), so when you see the process has reached 99% and still waiting, do not worry as that’s normal and just wait for few minutes.

    wipe cache miui recovery

    wipe cache miui recovery yes

    Step 9 – Once the Cache wiping process has finished, you’ll go back to the Main Menu. Next, select the “Install update.zip to System” menu then select Yes. Then sit tight and wait till the flashing process finished.

    install update zip miui 7

    During update process takes place, it is usually a little bit longer when it reaches 99% so do not worry about it as that’s normal. Most users have to wait about 10 minutes just to wait 90%-to-100% progress.

    Step 10 – Once the update process has been finished, you can go back and reboot your device by selecting Reboot in the main menu.

    reboot after flashing update

    The reboot process will consume 10 – 15 minutes which is longer than usual reboot time but that’s normal as your phone is applying several new tweaks into your phone’s system.

    Step 11 – That’s all. Now simply do some little setup as you like. Do not forget to also give each new MIUI 7 theme a try, it’s cool.

    miui 7 user interface

    MIUI 7 Global Stable Build Full Changelog

    Optimization – System response speed increased by 30%, battery life improved by 10% (08-24)
    Optimization – Optimized clearing background apps mechanism with low RAM (08-27)
    Fix – Sometimes, Wi-Fi could not be scanned or connected (08-27)

    New – Personal profile upgraded to cloud namecard (10-19)
    Fix – FC error in some situations (10-21)

    New – Quick OTP (08-24)
    New – Smart SMS Filter (08-24)
    Optimization – Searching results display the newer messages on top (08-17)

    Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
    New – Added notification page fold/unfold animated effects (08-07)
    New – Block notifications in notification shade by one press (08-18)
    New – Lockscreen magazine (08-24)
    Optimization – Optimized Notification shade brightness bar interactive style (08-07)
    Optimization – Optimized battery icon on status bar (08-07)
    Optimization – Optimized status bar display effects when using large font (08-10)
    Optimization – Optimized notifications’ height when using large font (08-10)
    Optimization – Optimized ‘Manage notifications’ page display effect when using large font (08-10)
    Fix – Roaming icon did not disappear in some situations (08-10)
    Fix – Block button in some featured themes overlapped with clock widget (08-12)
    Fix – Notes widget display error when using large font (08-12)
    Fix – Pressing on toggles did not fold notification shade in Performance mode (08-19)
    Fix – Sometimes, unknown WiFi was displayed (08-24)

    Home screen
    New – Added Parental controls mode (08-10)
    New – Child mode (08-24)
    Optimization – Optimized display effect of live blur (08-07)
    Optimization – Optimized built-in widgets display effect when using large font (08-10)
    Optimization – Optimized One-handed mode launching speed (08-10)
    Optimization – Removed Settings and Security from Parental controls – Accessible apps list (08-11)
    Optimization – Assistant and Google Now cannot be launched in Parental controls mode (08-11)
    Optimization – Optimized prompt text when setting wallpaper in home screen editing mode (08-12)
    Optimization – Added time limit for entering the password repeatedly when exiting Child mode (08-24)
    Fix – Home screen reloaded after deep cleaning (08-11)
    Fix – A specific icon displayed repeatedly when using some themes (08-21)
    Fix – Child mode caused Settings to crash (08-24)
    Fix – The problem that one-handed mode can be activated when disabling the nevigation buttons (08-24)
    Fix – A specific icon displayed repeatedly when using some themes (08-28)

    New – Four new system UIs (08-24)

    New – Baby album: Group all baby images in one place, supports sending all images as a package and set the album as daily lockscreen (08-24)

    File Explorer
    New – Added real time search function (08-27)
    Optimization – Optimized files list loading speed (08-27)
    Optimization – Time of file changes will display in list mode (08-27)

    Optimization – Improved app cold start speed (08-24)
    Optimization – Background RAM usage decreased by 15% – 30% (08-24)

    Clock / Calculator
    New – When it’s your birthday, the ringtone of morning alarm will change to “Happy Birthday” (08-24)

    Virus Scan
    New – Supports choosing from different virus definitions (08-26)

    Mi Cloud
    Fix – Sometimes, Mi Cloud rebooted repeatedly (10-19)

    Good luck!

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