Xiaomi ADB Driver v1.3


xiaomi adb driver pc connection

Well, just in case the previous ADB Drivers you installed couldn’t help you much, then try download and install this version of ADB Driver to let you execute command and modify your Xiaomi phone’s system via your Windows PC.

For you who are still confused about what is ADB and why you need it, then read a short description below:

What is ADB? ADB is an acronym of Android Debug Bridge, it is a set of tool acts as bridge between you, your Windows PC / laptop and of course your Android device which in this case is Xiaomi devices whether it’s Redmi 1 or  Redmi Note 3 Pro and so on. With ADB installed, you can debug your Android phone via PC. This is done by connecting an Android device that runs the software through a PC, and feeding it terminal commands. ADB driver lets you modify your device (or device’s software) via a PC command line.

ADB is “something” that an Android ninjas familiar with, but for me and most of ordinary Android users, it’s not something really familiar but in some cases it may be needed.

Previously we have mirrored Universal ADB Drivers software which is also compatible with most of Xiaomi devices, but again, just in case that didn’t help you, then try this one:

File name :
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