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Battery CalibrationBattery CalibrationBattery CalibrationBattery CalibrationBattery CalibrationBattery CalibrationBattery CalibrationBattery CalibrationBattery Calibration Battery Calibration IconBattery CalibrationIMobS DescriptionBattery Calibration: your free battery calibration application!

Battery Calibration is the most popular battery calibration application that will help you charge your phone for the longest period of time ever, while increasing its lifetime. Download it for free and use your phone for the longest period ever with only a single charge.

Longer standby time. More accurate data. Less frequently charged phone/tablet. Calibrated, optimized battery with longer life. Battery Calibration can now be yours with a new look, with even more beautiful and more elegant designs with just a touch of a button.

How it works

Battery Calibration operation is simple, it helps calibrate your battery in 4 steps.
1: When your phone/tablet is going dead (Battery Calibration shows you how many percent of the battery is charged) connect the phone/tablet to the charger.
2: Charge until the value shown by Battery Calibration reaches 100% (the battery charge indicator on the phone may be incorrect). While charging your phone, Battery Calibration will show you everything: you can control how many percent of your battery is charged and how many megawatts are charged on your phone.
3: When all values are at maximum, press calibration key and start calibration. The app will immediately increase the standby time of your phone so you can use it for longer with one charge (it will optimize the battery charge for your battery).
4: When the calibration is complete, disconnect your phone from the charger.

Here is why you should choose Battery Calibration

You can use Battery Calibration in 12 languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic). The new released premium software, the new and updated version has special themes, colours, and video tutorials.

Our latest version can be used without root, can increase battery life on your phone or tablet and can protect your battery. In the new version you can also choose a fast (maximum 1 minute) or full calibration (this can take a few minutes) and this version of Battery Calibration already recognizes your phone and the calibrating needs of your phone and increases the lifetime of your battery.

It is especially recommended to use Battery Calibration if
– you are using the old one and you want to update it
– your phone goes dead too fast / unreasonably soon
– your operation system has just been updated
– you are testing a custom ROM
– if you want to know the real values
– if you want to know the battery voltage and the charge level

Download Battery Calibration now, increase the battery life of your phone, charge your phone/tablet to the maximum level and calibrate it.
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