Watch: Ulefone Power 3 vs Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus battery comparison

Ulefone Power 3

As the third generation of big battery phone from Ulefone, the Ulefone Power 3 with a massive 6080mAh battery should feature pretty solid endurance. To prove that Ulefone has made a videoputting the Power 3 against the Redmi 5 Plus from Xiaomi.

Check out this video of the two smartphones in action. But first, note that Ulefone Power 3 has 6080mAh battery while, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus has 4000mAh battery. Although, the test started with Power 3 on 94% charge and the Redmi 5 Plus on 78 % charge and after playing Arena of Valor (Chinese Version) for 30 minutes, the former had 90 percent left while Redmi 5 Plus with 69 percent.

A short calculation revealed that the Power 3 consumed 4% of battery while the Redmi 5 Plus consumed slightly higher 9% of energy. Not a dramatic difference but once again Ulefone claims the difference being with bigger battery, better optimizations and such, so the 6080mAh battery of Ulefone Power 3 excels the 4000mAh Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus battery.

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It is already given that Ulefone Power 3 packs a massive battery and that it can even go on for days with normal usage. But aside from that, Power 3 is also strapping some notable features. Below is a quick bulleted summary of Power 3 specs.

  • 18:9 full vision display with FHD+ resolution,
  • world’s first Helio P23 octa-core processor,
  • 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage,
  • 4-camera setup with 13MP/5MP dual cameras on the front and Samsung 21MP/5MP dual cameras on the back,
  • advanced Face ID recognition system,
  • traditional rear fingerprint reader, independent HiFi system ;
  • and newest Android 8.1 Oreo.

Currently, the Ulefone Power 3 is available for a special price of $239.99 at AliExpress, and the first 200 orders can get $20 coupons and grab one for merely $219.99 To learn more about the handset, you can head over to the company’s official website.

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In return for the support from fans, Ulefone offers chances for 5 people to freely try out the Power 3. You can open AliExpress app and find “Freebies& Reviews” to submit your application. The application will be valid until Jan.15th.

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